Visitation Services 2018 fee schedule:

  • Orientation                                             $35.00        Per Parent 
  • On-site Supervised Visitations               $35.00        Hourly Rate 
  • Off-site Supervised Visitations               $50.00        Hourly Rate (Sacramento)
  • On-site Safe Exchanges                         $25.00        Per Exchange 
  • Off-site Safe Exchange                          $15.00       Additional Rate Per Exchange   
  • Holiday On- site Safe Exchange            $45.00        Per Exchange 
  • Holiday Supervised Visitation                 $55.00        Hourly Rate 
  • Holiday Off-site Supervised Visit            $70.00       Hourly Rate 


Off-Site Visitations Services Available in Sacramento and throughout  Northern California 

Additional Fees May Apply For Services Outside Sacramento County 

Intercept Security's Visitation Services Offer:


  •       Trained Professional Monitors 
  • ​      Flexible Hours 
  •       Experienced Staff
  •       On-site Supervised Visitations 
  •       Off-site Supervised Visitations 
  •       On-site Safe Exchanges
  •       Off-site Safe Exchanges 
  •       Competitive Pricing ​​

Intercept Security supervised visitationS and safe Exchanges ​Sacramento 

Intercept security safe exchange and supervised visitations offer families in conflict a safe environment to conduct supervised visitations and safe exchanges. For more information email us at